What are Online Counselling Services?

What is Online Counselling?

Online counselling is a way of obtaining professional help from a counsellor without having to pay them a visit in person.  Instead, pre-arranged live counselling sessions take place over the internet in a private chat-room.

Online counselling is just as effective as traditional face to face therapy. Whereas face to face counselling involves you talking about your problems and concerns with a counsellor, online counselling simply requires you to write about them instead.

Sharing your inner thoughts and feelings with your counsellor helps to build a relationship in which you are no longer facing life’s problems alone. Your counsellor’s role isn’t to judge you, but instead to encourage you to explore the situations which are causing you a concern, whilst offering you their respect and support.

The counsellor will not only help you to focus on exactly what is wrong but will also help you to find new ways of understanding, challenging and solving problems.

Reasons Online Counselling can be Beneficial

  • Online Counselling can be a useful way of working for those clients who find face to face therapy difficult to access.  A client may have to make complicated arrangements to meet up with a counsellor face to face.
  • Clients are often able to access online counselling support services at times face to face counselling is not necessarily available.
  • Some clients find it difficult to speak about their problems face to face with a counsellor.  These clients often find when they work with a counsellor online they can write about things they could never have said to someone’s face.
  • Some people simply prefer to disclose information and quite often difficult feelings from the comfort and safety of their own familiar surroundings.

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