Person-centred Counselling

Person-centred Counselling

As a person-centred counsellor, I have a very strong belief in the positive nature of all human beings. I firmly believe we will always strive to do the best for ourselves, no matter what conditions we find ourselves in or what problems we face.

Secondly, I believe in the uniqueness and worth of every individual human being and that we all deserve respect for our capacity to choose our own directions in life and select and choose our own values to live by.

Thirdly, I believe that you are the only expert in your own internal world and the only person who really knows how you feel. You are the only person who can decide who and how you should be, the only person who can decide what the meaning of your life is and what you should do with it.

Fourthly, I believe that the most important thing in counselling is the therapeutic relationship that will develop between us, in which I hope that you will really feel heard and understood, in a non-judgemental way and that you will experience me as a real and genuine person in this relationship. I will often be very open with my feelings as I experience them here, rather than playing the role of counsellor or expert whom you have come to ask for solutions to your problems.

I will be very accepting of what you tell me and at the same time I will notice when the words you say seem to be at odds with how I am experiencing you. I will do my best not to interpret anything you do or say with my meanings, but I will try to clarify what these things mean for you and how you are really feeling.

I will try to be sensitive in what I say to you and at the same time I would want you to experience me as being really authentic with you and not putting on any pretence. I will be very direct and honest in sharing how I experience you and the things you talk about and you may find this way of working quite challenging at times.

What I will try to do here, is to create a trusting relationship between us that will provide a safe space in which I hope you will feel very accepted and understood so that you can be in touch with your feelings and talk, without fear, about anything which concerns you. I have a strong belief that we need to own and value all our feelings, even the most uncomfortable ones and to be able to say how we feel and to insist on being heard and understood. I hope that you will experience that here with me so that you will feel able to deal more effectively with the feelings that are troubling you.

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