Online Counselling Services – Security

Online Counselling Services & Confidentiality?

You can always be sure of a supportive, honest and trusting relationship when you are using any of my online counselling services. Respecting your privacy is absolutely guaranteed and a critical part of you feeling able to confide in me about any subject matter.

All of our communications will remain confidential between us and all records will be destroyed at the end of our therapeutic work together.

As a result of following the guidelines for good practice which have been outlined by my professional body, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), I have regular supervision of my online counselling services.

Although I never disclose your identity to my supervisor, I may discuss some of the issues we are working with together simply to ensure I am giving you the best possible service that I can.

The only time I would be obliged to break confidentiality and seek advice and guidance from another professional is if you indicated to me that there was a risk of harming yourself or another person. I would always try and discuss this with you beforehand to obtain your consent.

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